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Brazil’s center-south sugar cane crush for the 2017-18 harvest was down 4.74% from April to August 1 compared to the same period a year ago, totaling 312.104 million tons, said the Union of Sugarcane Industry (Unica).

Total ethanol production reached 11.573 billion liters, down 10.15% from a year before, with 4.996 billion liters in anhydrous ethanol (-3.74%) and 6.576 billion liters of hydrous ethanol (-14.47%).

Meanwhile, sugar production rose by 3.48%, totaling 17.565 million tons. Regarding production mix, 51.57% of the raw material obtained was used for ethanol production, while the remaining 48.43% went to sugar production.

Year-to-date, Total Recoverable Sugar (TRS) reached 128.02 kilograms per ton of sugarcane, 0.60% higher than in the same period of the 2016/2017 cycle when TRS was at 127.26 kilos per ton.

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