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The Japanese yen weakened against other major currencies in the Asian session on Monday.

The yen fell to a 5-day low of 129.65 against the euro and a 4-day low of 142.68 against the pound, from Friday’s closing quotes of 129.05 and 142.02, respectively.

Against the Swiss franc, the yen dropped to a 4-day low of 113.63 from an early 5-day high of 113.21.

Against the U.S., the Australian, the New Zealand and the Canadian dollars, the yen slid to 4-day lows of 109.64, 86.63, 80.19 and 86.48 from last week’s closing quotes of 109.17, 86.15, 79.87 and 86.08, respectively.

If the yen extends its downtrend, it is likely to find support around 131.00 against the euro, 145.00 against the pound, 115.00 against the franc, 111.00 against the greenback, 88.00 against the aussie, 82.00 against the kiwi and 89.00 against the loonie.

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